Case Study on Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Case Study:

Food poisoning is the serious disease which occurs after the consumption of the infected and heavily contaminated food products. The food poisoning after the consumption of the food intoxicated with the microorganisms happens more frequently than the poisoning after the consumption of the food contaminated with the chemical toxins. The problem of food poisoning is quite a common one, because it is not always possible to control the quality of the food products, especially in the developing countries, where the level of hygiene is poor. The most frequent causes of food poisoning are the microorganisms and chemicals which contaminate food and as a result the human organism. Among the microorganisms which affect the human health badly are germs, various bacteria which contaminate food and appear because of the poor level of hygiene during the production, storage and transportation of food products. Among the non-germ factors which cause poisoning are food products which are toxic from their nature. For example, there are various mushrooms, molluscs, plants, seeds, caviar of the certain species of fish, fresh potato and beans, etc.

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In addition, food poisoning can occur because of the contamination with the pesticides and fertilizers. If their concentration is high, the risk of poisoning is serious. Nowadays, the quantity of the cases of food poisoning has reduced due to the growing attention to this problem and the scrupulous control over the quality of the food products. Every company which produces food products has to meet all the norms of hygiene in order to avoid incidents connected with poisoning.

Food poisoning is a common problem which is characterized with the consumption of the poor-quality food products. In order to research case about food poisoning, one should study the factors, which cause poisoning, the types of poisoning, the effect of poisoning on the human health, the symptoms, the first aid, methods which can help reduce the consequences of poisoning, the geography of the food poisoning, etc. The case should be researched in detail in order to provide the student with enough information about the problem, the definite case of food poisoning, its cause and effect, methods of treatment and prevention of the further similar incidents.

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