Case Study on Gay Rights

Case Study on Gay Rights:

Gay rights are the set of rights and freedoms which are supposed to protect and maintain the life and activity of gays. The problem of gay rights has become quite relevant, because more and more people demand the right to marry the representative of the same gender openly. Years ago such demands could only astonish the general public and nobody would treat such a demand seriously, but now the situation is different. The number of gays is very high and they require the adequate and equal treatment and the same rights in every sphere of human life. In fact, at the dawn of the human civilization the question of gays was not a problem, because people revealed their feelings towards the same sex openly and it was regarded as a norm. With the run of time the situation changed and gays became deprived of their rights and the general public treated them like criminals or something abnormal. After the World War 2 the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights was signed, that is also supposed to protect homosexuals.

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Today the situation has become softer, because many countries have already legalized gay marriages and other types of the same sex partnerships. On the other hand there is more than the half of the world which is opposed to the gay marriages and even treats them as crime. The conservative government in these countries struggles against gays severely and gays are imprisoned, fined and even put into death. Though, gays can already show their feelings openly, there are still restrictions in the majority countries of the world concerning the legalization of gay marriages.

Gay rights can be called a serious topic for discussion, because the question has become extremely urgent and requires effective solutions. If a student is asked to complete a good gay rights case study, he will need to improve his knowledge on the problem seriously. First of all one should define the cause of the problem, analyze the factors, which influence the problem and evaluate the effect of the problem on the society. After that it will be easier for the student to draw the right conclusions and suggest the best solutions to the problem.

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