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Gmail Case Study:

Gmail is the free service of electronic mail provided by the American company Google. Gmail provides clients with the access towards their accounts through the web interface. In 2012 Gmail became the leader winning the first place in the competition with such giants as Hotmail and Microsoft. The total number of Gmail clients is more than 420 million people. The clients who want to get access to the service of Gmail have to create an account in domain which would provide them with the accounts of the type The service provides the user with 10 GB of space for personal messages and this space is increased all the time. In 2005 the space was equal to 1 GB and then increased gradually to 2, 5, 7.5 and 10 GB. The history of the creation of Gmail was very interesting, because in 2004 it became the most developed and quality email service which offered more space than such services as Yahoo or Hotmail.

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At first it was quite difficult to create an account in Gmail, because one had to receive the invitation from another client who had got an account in Gmail. The list of advantages of Gmail is very rich.

First of all the service provides the client with the broad profile (photo, personal information, etc); secondly there is a very useful function called spell-checker which makes sure the words and phrases are written correctly without the grammatical errors. Then, there is the chat function, absence of advertising and more than 10 GB of space in the box.

Gmail is the most popular email service existing in the Internet and the student is supposed to learn about the problem more in order to complete a worthy case study which can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding teacher. The student is supposed to find out about the history of the service, the technical functions of Gmail and dwell on the strong and the weak sides in order to understand why it has become the most popular and reliable service. The student should focus on the cause and effect side of the popularity of Gmail and draw his own conclusions evaluating the issue professionally.

The student can have troubles with the organization of his case study, because the assignment requires special research approach and student’s knowledge about the topic. In order to improve knowledge about the email service one should read a free example case study on Gmail written online and borrow a few ideas about the formatting of the text and choice of the methods. The young professional is able to focus on a free sample case study on Gmail and answer to all the questions related with writing.

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