Case Study on Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake Case Study:

Haiti earthquake is the serious and destructive earthquake which occurred on Haiti in 2010. The epicentre of the earthquake was no more than 22 km from the capital of the country and it is obvious that such a close distance caused enormous danger for the surrounding settlements. The latest destructive earthquake occurred on Haiti in 1751. According to the official statistics on the 12th of January 2010 because of the earthquake died 222 570 people, more than 311 000 were injured and no one knows about the fate of the 869 people. At the day of the earthquake thousands of houses, nearly all the hospitals and all the strategic buildings were destroyed in the capital, and it is obvious that the majority of deaths occurred because of the insufficient treatment and total absence of hospitals. More than 3 million people lost their homes and the capital was entirely destroyed, while the other parts of the country were not damaged seriously.

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Just after the earthquake many countries decided to help Haiti cope with the consequences of the earthquake and they sent their armed forces, medicine, food, clothes and everything essential for life to save the situation. More than a week the people from many countries tried to analyse and cope with the effect of the earthquake striving to find the lost people and save as much people as possible believing that thousands of them still remained alive covered with stones and dust. The European Union and numerous international organizations decided to support Haiti financially and provided the country with more than 10 billion dollars to take the situation under control. Haiti Earthquake is one of the brightest examples of the terrible and harmful effect of the unpredictable nature on the human life.

Haiti earthquake is the serious and useful investigation for students who get the chance to research the case from all sides and demonstrate their professional skills. It is important to research the case site, analyse the cause of the earthquake, learn about the area of its activity and analyse its effect on the country. The student is able to learn about the way of the solution of the problem, the effect of the earthquake on economics, demographic issues and relations with the countries of the world and the effectiveness of the international help aimed to restore the country after the disaster.

Even having researched the case successfully, the student still has troubles with the organization of the text and composition of the paper. One can read a free example case study on Haiti earthquake geography and learn about the problem more. On the basis of a free sample case study on Haiti earthquake 2010 students learn to format the paper and express their opinion in the logical manner.

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