Case Study on Halo Effect

Halo Effect Case Study:

Halo effect is the result of the observer’s impression of the person’s skills and traits of character on the basis of the stereotypes. This phenomenon is quite an interesting one and many psychologists devote time to research it deeper. It is obvious that people’s attitude towards the certain events, phenomena and other people depends on the general and standard official point of views.

For example, many people think that the people who have attractive appearance are kinder and even smarter. So, they do not evaluate the person’s qualities objectively believing that pleasant appearance is the basis of kindness, wisdom and other positive qualities.

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Edward Lee Thorndike was the first psychologist who paid attention to the problem of halo effect and researched this issue in detail. He managed to analyze the influence of halo effect on the human life and social relations and drew the conclusion that the effect is really serious and the majority of people make their impression about something subjectively. Halo effect is quite a negative phenomenon if it occurs in education, business and other spheres of the human relations. Very often attractive people are supposed to be cleverer and more skilful than others.

Sometimes teachers treat attractive students better and evaluate their work better than of the rest of students’. The same thing occurs in business when the boss treats beautiful people better and does not notice their failures and provides them with privileges. Naturally, it is quite difficult to direct one’s attitude towards the others objectively but one must not rely simply on halo effect managing the group of employees at work or a group of students at school.

Halo effect is an interesting issue of psychology which would be useful for the student’s background knowledge. The matter is really controversial and requires alternative approach, so the student is expected to devote much time to the analysis of the problem, its cause and effect and finally solve the problem on halo effect suggested by the teacher. One can interview the participants of the case in order to find out objective information from all possible sources, because it is the only way to draw the right constructive conclusions and evaluate the impact of halo effect appropriately.

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Custom Case Study on Halo Effect

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