Case Study on Hurricanes

Hurricanes Case Study:

A hurricane is the name is the name of tropical cyclone, a type of the stormy weather, which is characterized with the low-pressure area in the centre of the storm, thunderstorms and extremely strong wind. In South Asia and on the East hurricanes are called typhoons but mean mostly the same phenomenon.

Hurricanes appear close to the surface of a sea or an ocean when moist warm air masses rise above the cold air masses and condense there into the form of the rain. Tropical cyclones differ greatly from other cyclones, because their low-pressure centre consists of the warm air but not cold masses. This phenomenon is a characteristic of the tropical belt of the planet, so the cyclone is called tropical. Hurricanes produce not only the heavy rains, but dangerous storm surge, very high waves on the surface of the sea and tornadoes.

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The power of hurricanes is supported by the great areas of water, like seas and oceans, because when a hurricane moves above the land, its energy disappears. That is why the territories which are situated too close to the seaside are always in the big danger, because enormous waves which are the results of a hurricane can destroy everything on their way. Every year island countries in the oceans experience dozens of hurricanes which damage buildings, communication systems, crops, nearly everything people praise and value. Besides, thousands of people’s lives are lost during every hurricane and very often the victims are never found.

Hurricanes are the most dangerous effects of the power of the seas and oceans and all people can do is just to predict it and evacuate people from the target areas which can be damaged. When a student is asked to prepare a case study on hurricanes, he will need to research the problem in general at first. He should read and understand what a hurricane is, realize the factors which cause it, its nature, types, source of energy and the consequences of the hurricane. After that a student is ready to investigate the case. He should collect data about the hurricane, analyze it, learn whether people predicted it or not, what the actions of the government were and how the effect of the hurricane was reduced. Finally a student should summarize the research and present his opinion about the whole case and its key points.

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