Case Study on Identical Twins

Identical Twins Case Study:

Identical twins or monozygotic twins are the twins who come from the single zygote (the egg which has been fertilized by the single cell sperm), which has divided into the two parts. The result of this division is the shares genotype and the development of the two separate embryos who share the common features. Identical twins have the same genotype and they usually belong to the same gender and look like one another very much.

The person who does not know that the twin has a twin-brother, he would never recognize the latter as an absolutely different person. Among the monozygotic twins the similarities in character, behaviour and even biographies are observed quite often, that is why they are called ‘identical’. More than 25% of the identical twins are like the mirrors of their brother and sisters. For example, one can have a birthmark on the right cheek, the other can have it on the left one; or there are cases when the second identical twin has the mirror-like composition of organs (the heart is on the right side of the body).

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The most common feature of this trait is that one twin is a left-handed and the second is the right-handed. In spite of the great similarities the fingerprints of the identical twins are still different and it is impossible to confuse them. Identical twins are not so frequently met and they are always treated positively. Speaking about cinematography and all sort of entertainment many identical twins have got the world fame due to the existence of the most the same person in the person of their brothers and sisters.

Identical twins can be called quite an interesting phenomenon of nature and it should be admitted that not only people have the possibility to give birth to the monozygotic twins but also many animals are able to do it. In order to prepare a quality case study about identical twins the student is supposed to learn about the question a lot and understand the mechanism of the origin of the twins. Researching the case one should monitor both twins, compare their appearance, character, habits, preferences, etc. On the basis of the research it is possible to define the level of their similarity and improve the knowledge about the question.

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