Case Study on Identity Theft

Identity Theft Case Study:

Identity theft is the stealth of someone’s identity with different purposes, which are mostly based on gaining profit and access to the secure information. When someone knows that another person has wide opportunities, has much money on the credit card, has the access to valuable data and other privileges, he can try to pretend being this person and take advantage of the privileges of her identity. Today it is quite popular among criminals to steal identity of other people and obtain credit at a bank and live wealthy life further. Fortunately, the victims of such operations have the chance to cancel these credits due to modern technologies, like monitoring and identification of a person with the help of different means.

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Financial identity theft is the most widespread type of this crime and it is often difficult to find the criminal, moreover, if there is a group of them functioning at the large area. Then, there is criminal identity theft which is characterized with the intention of the criminal to use the identity of another person and avoid imprisonment. Such form of identity theft is popular at the customs and at the airport, where the potential criminals can be easily detected and captured just with the help of checking their Ids. To avoid identifying criminals pretend to be other people and easily leave the city or the country. Identity theft is even used in health care. Criminals steal identities to get access to the medical services and drugs.

Identity theft is generally committed by the real professionals, who are connected with law and computer technologies. It will not be a secret that the majority of the financial identity thefts are operated by professional hackers who steal identities with the help of high-quality powerful computer software. Students who dream to connect their profession with crime and law should be familiar with the aspects and peculiarities of identity theft, so a case study on this topic will be useful for the improvement of their background knowledge. A well-composed case study should be interesting, well-analyzed and logically-structured. A student is required to present the reason of the problem and the consequences of the case and summarize the paper professionally.

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