Case Study on Immigration

Immigration Case Study:

Immigration is the movement of people into a country or region to which they are not native in order to settle there. Immigration is made for many reasons, including temperature, breeding, economic, political, family re-unification, natural disaster, poverty or the wish to change one’s surroundings voluntarily.

Immigration has always existed in the human society, because people always want better living conditions, new scenery and variety in life. On the other hand, immigration is not always the result of one’s wish, but of a necessity. Most often immigration is the result of wars and natural disasters.

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When there is a conflict in the certain area, people try to leave this place to survive. They have to leave their homes and everything which connected them with their native land. It is obvious that most immigrants want to move to a prosperous state and settle there. Naturally, the reaction of the native people towards immigrant is different but mostly negative. Of course, immigrants are allowed to live and work in the new land, but the attitude of most people is fairly negative. People are not afraid of immigrants, they are afraid of losing their job. The reason is easy: the more people live in the country, the smaller chance to find a job they have.

There are many reasons of immigration and scholars, sociologists try to find certain connections between the cause and effect of the problem. A successful case study on immigration in the US should be properly analyzed, informative and interesting. A case study is a research of the problem which occurred in certain case site. For example, the problem may be connected with the immigrants which managed to cross the boarder illegally and settled not far from a town in the track. A student should think over what should be done to solve the problem correctly taking into consideration the reason of immigration. Every case study is aimed at the development of the student’s critical thinking skills. He has to create or brainstorm effective solutions of the problem presented in the case to introduce his professional skills and analytical abilities to the teacher.

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