Case Study on Japan Tsunami

Japan Tsunami Case Study:

Japan tsunami is the name of the enormous natural disaster which occurred in Japan in 2011.

The country suffered from the earthquake which provoked powerful tsunami which caused even more harm than the earthquake itself. The earthquake with the power of more than 9 points occurred not far from the eastern shores of Japan and caused damaged of numerous buildings.

The earthquake is supposed to be strong even for Japan which got used to such natural phenomena during its long history. What is more, the earthquake is in the ten most ruining earthquakes the planet survived during its existence. The result of the earthquake is the shifting of Japan to the direction of North America in 2.4 cm. The earthquake caused strong tsunami with the huge waves, which reached more than 40 meters. It is obvious that the destructing power of such waves destroyed everything on its way. It is known that hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and property, hundreds of buildings and automobiles were destroyed by tsunami.

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According to the statistics of 2012 the number of the victims is 15 870 people, nearly 3000 people have been not found and more than 6000 people were injured. The biggest danger of the effect of tsunami was the risk of the nuclear disaster, because many nuclear power plants were damaged because of tsunami and it affected the surrounding areas negatively. Thousands of people were evacuated from the dangerous areas as the tsunami caused fires and mass destruction of industry, transportation systems, communication systems and of course economic damage. In order to help Japan cope with such a destructive effect of nature many countries of the world offered their assistance and first aid. People were provided with medicine, clothes, food and everything essential for survival.

Japan tsunami is one of the most destructive natural disasters in the human history, because the country suffered not only because of the powerful earthquake but on the enormously high and strong ocean waves. The student who is researching the case on Japan tsunami has much work to do, because he has to analyze the effect of the earthquake, learn about its origin, cause and effect, about the tsunami and its impact and evaluate the consequences of the disaster on the demographic situation of Japan, its industry, transportation and economic system.

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