Case Study on Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice Case Study:

Juvenile justice is the complex of norms which are aimed at the punishment of the young people who have committed a crime. The world of crime is quite varied and there is no any surprise that young people, teenagers commit crimes as well as the grownups. Of course, due to the belief that children and young people have specific rights and duties, they are punished in quite a different way. There are many reasons of juvenile crimes. First of all teenagers have poor bringing up, problems in their families, problems at school and misunderstandings with friends. Sometimes the reason is the unfavourable financial background of the family of the young criminal and the he just wanted to help, but in the wrong way. It does not worth mentioning, that juvenile justice is not aimed to punish the criminal strictly, its main duty is to teach, inform and prevent the young person from the further break of the law.

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The system of juvenile justice has different types of punishments and actions aimed at the bringing up of the problematic children. If the young person commits a crime, she is not jailed, but there is work with parents, teachers, psychologists and social services. These means are aimed to understand the motives of the crime, the cause and effect of the crime and very often the problem is in the attitude of the parents and negative influence of the family or friends. If the young person has not reached the age of 18, parents pay the fine and have to bring up and control the teenager strictly. If the young criminal continues his activity, the stricter means are applied.

Juvenile justice is the serious problem which is aimed to defeat the youth crimes. It does not worth mentioning that juvenile justice is aimed to prevent the person form crimes but not to ruin her life in a jail. The student who is going to research the case about juvenile justice should study the problem in detail, interview the criminal or simply collect the necessary information in the reliable sources, understand the cause and effect of the issue on juvenile justice and solve the case in the appropriate way.

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