Case Study on Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles Case Study:

A leadership style is the model of the behavior of an employer which can be observed in the processes of the control over his business and the attitude to his employees. There are many leadership styles which are practized in business and management and every style is appropriate for the management of a definite type of the company and staff. The first and the oldest leadership style is the authoritarian one. The boss is the center of the orders, decision making and solution of all the problems. When one has started his own business, he wants it to develop and flourish.

Moreover, if he is a professional in his sphere and knows what and how to do, such style of leadership is quite well. The boss gives the direct tasks and the employees have to fulfill them by the deadline according to the suggested instructions. Evidently, such style is inappropriate when the boss is poorly educated and is weak at the business processes. His decisions and solutions will only destroy his business.

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Another important style is the democratic style. It is based on the total equality of the employees and the boss is not the center of the decision making. Every question, point, problem and action is discussed by the employees and together they make a decision. The democratic leadership style respects an individual, his skills, knowledge and creativity. Every opinion is taken into consideration in such a model of the company. Transactional leadership style is something between the first two ones. The key idea of the style is the control over the staff with the method of rewards (if the person succeeds) and punishment (if she makes mistakes fulfilling the duties).

It is difficult to say what leadership style is the best one, because it mostly depends on the kind of business and employees. Students researching the topic should investigate the advantages and disadvantages of every leadership style to realize which can be called the best one. The case is based on the chosen style of leader in a peculiar organization. The paper should be well-analyzed, interesting, contain facts about the reasons and consequences of the chosen leadership style and its strong and weak sides. One should summarize the paper well and offer some methods and solutions connected with the style.

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