Case Study on Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication Case Study:

Marketing communication is one of the four components of marketing mix which is aimed at the delivery of information about the product from the company or the vendor to the target group of consumers. The primary aim of marketing communication is to remind, inform and persuade the customer to purchase the suggested goods and services. The initial means of marketing communication is the informative advertisement which is supposed to inform the target audience about the new product and to form the initial demand for it. The process of marketing communication is quite a simple one, because it consists of several elements. The first one is the sender of the information or the company or vendor; the second is the receiver – the target group of customers; the third – the message or the advertisement which is supposed to influence the consumer’s choice; the fourth – the channel of communication or the means which enables the sender to deliver the information; the fifth – the response channel which indicates whether the information has managed to reach its aim.

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Marketing communication is a very important means of marketing mix, because the success of business depends on the factor of information. If target customers do not know about the existence of the firm and its production, no matter whether the production is quality and cheap – no one will buy it. In order to reach success the company should inform the target group of customers about the quality, peculiarities, price, strong and weak sides of the products persuading them that they really need this product and that it is better than that of the other companies.

Marketing communication is the problem which can be interesting to every student who is involved into the field of marketing and its elements. The young person has the opportunity to research the definite problem on marketing communication and prepare a quality case study which will illustrate to the professor the details of the issue, the marketing strategy of the definite company and its activity in the field of marketing communication. The young person should bear in mind that she is expected to think about the case and effect of the problem on marketing communication mentioned in the case study and try to solve the problem in the appropriate way.

The most difficult thing in writing a case study is the lack of the student’s knowledge about the process of writing. Obviously, it is possible to read a free example case study on marketing communication mix prepared in the Internet and get to know about the principles and aspects of the research. One is able to follow the help of a free sample case study on integrated marketing communication and complete his own assignment in the similar manner.

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