Case Study on Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation Case Study:

Microsoft is one of the most successful and influential multinational corporations which produces computer software for nearly every type of personal computers, mobile phones, consoles, etc. The corporation is headquartered in the USA and is considered to be one of the most profitable and the richest in the world. With the development of computing Microsoft started to work out and create high-quality and easy-in-use software which enables people broaden the abilities of personal computers and operations carried out with their help. The success of Microsoft is closely connected with its most important product – Windows operating system. Evidently, this operating system remains the most popular in the world due to its functions and options.

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With the help of Windows people were given the possibility to do various actions with the help of their computer. The operating system combines the functions of work and entertainment and made computing essential for human life. Microsoft has created many versions of Microsoft Office, which help people to organize their work more effectively; no wonder this software is used worldwide. The corporation did not forget about the world of PC and console games. Microsoft created the famous console Xbox which gives young people the opportunity to entertain on the highest level enjoying the latest games. Besides, the corporation produces accessories for personal computers like keyboards and computer mice. Microsoft sells its production in more than 80 countries of the world and its software is translated into 45 languages of the world.

Today nearly everybody knows at least something about Microsoft and future businessmen should improve their knowledge on the topic to understand the factors which influenced its success and world leading positions. In order to complete a good Microsoft corporation case study one will need to investigate the history of the corporation, its production and the most important factors essential for its existence. This knowledge will help one understand the suggested problem better. If one wants to succeed in case study writing, he will need to research the problem reading the reliable sources to find the reason of the problem and to weigh its consequences. Finally, students are expected to demonstrate their critical thinking and professional skills suggesting good methods for the solution of the problem on the topic.

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