Case Study on Motivation in the Workplace

Motivation in the Workplace Case Study:

Motivation in the workplace is a complex of methods and techniques that help one encourage an employee’s performance. Every entrepreneur understands that he will not be able to build a profitable company if he does not train and encourage his employees to work hard. Every employee is a unique personality who has her personal material and spiritual values, expectations and ambitions. A smart leader will be able to recognize motives and values of every employee in order to find the right approach towards his personality. A workplace is a very important factor that influences the quality of one’s work. An average employee spends more than eight hours of his time in the workplace every day. It is natural that the quality of this workplace will influence his performance seriously.

A good business leader should know how to organize a workplace effectively and how to create the best working atmosphere for his employees.

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He should know that employees decide to work, because they need money, social contacts and opportunities for self-development. A leader should offer the most favorable salary to his employees in order to motivate them financially. When one receives good money for his work, he will work harder to save his workplace. Then, if an employer provides his employees with wide opportunities for self-improvement, they will appreciate their job, because every smart person wants to use her workplace as a tool for career growth and self-education. Moreover, a leader should have knowledge about human psychology in order to be able to encourage his employees with the help of his voice. Finally, it is possible to motivate employees with the help of a friendly piece of advice and gratitude for their successful work.

Motivation in the workplace is a favorable topic for investigation, because a student will be able to learn something new about the important skill of encouragement. He should start his case study with the profound research of the suggested case. One should study the case sight; learn about the employer and his employees, his methods of motivation and employees’ performance. Moreover, you should pay attention to the analysis of the cause and effect of the suggested problem in order to be able to solve it efficiently. In the end, one should demonstrate his professionalism and evaluate the usefulness and importance of motivation in the workplace for a company’s profit.

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