Case Study on Natural Hazards

Natural Hazards Case Study:

Natural hazards are the complex of geophysical, climatic and other factors and events which can cause harm to the natural environment and to the human being and her property.

As a matter of fact, the number and variety of natural hazards is very high and they are divided into several categories depending on their character and origin. The first type of natural hazard is geophysical events, such as erosion, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, etc. It is natural that such events as earthquakes and volcanic eruption cause enormous harm to people, because they ruin the human settlements, destroy property and even cause the human death. The events like draughts and erosion are also very serious hazards as they are more protracted processes destroying the environment slowly and depriving animals and people of fertile soils and as a result – food.

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There are also other types of hazards like floods and wildfires which ruin the natural environment and cause harm to the human life and property. Most often these hazards occur because of the unreasonable anthropologic activity. Then, there are serious events like tsunami which can be the result of the earthquake occurring underwater in the ocean. It can ruin vast coastal areas killing people and animals and ruining cities and infrastructure. Finally, there are biological hazards which are characterized with various infections and diseases which are caused by different microorganism, viruses and bacteria. There are cases of epidemic of various diseases in different parts of the world which cause harm to the animal and human health and life. Most often, biological hazard is the result of the use of the biological weapon aimed at the damage of the rival’s target living force.

Natural hazards are the events of the natural origin which cause harm to the life and safety of the human beings and animals. The student who has decided to research the problem on natural hazards will need to observe the case in detail in order to be able to study the peculiarities of the case site, its participants, focus on the types of natural hazards, their cause and effect, etc. After that the young person should dwell on the reasonable solution of the problem demonstrating his knowledge about natural hazards and their dangers.

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