Case Study on Night Terrors

Night Terrors Case Study:

A night terror is a dreaming disorder, which is characterized with the sudden waking up in the condition of strong fear. A person wakes up and sits on the edge of the bed with shaking hands, shouting or walking around the room or the apartment. The eyes are open wide, the heart is beating very fast and the human is shaking. Such conditions can last from one to ten minutes and the it is very difficult to communicate with the person in such circumstances, because she does not understand whether she is still sleeping or not. Moreover, the person seldom understands that the people are around are the real ones. After a few minutes the person can fall asleep again but she does not remember anything in the morning as a rule. The most common terms of night terrors are four hours after the person has fallen asleep, when the depth of the dream is the strongest.

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Nevertheless, the cases of night terrors are quite frequent during the daydreaming. Night terrors are especially common among children (preschool and infant school children), because it is known that children of such an age can not differentiate the reality from the dream easily. Evidently, night terrors are not connected with the psychological disorders, but are the result of stress experienced by a child. In childhood night terrors are considered to be a norm, but if they occur too often, the parents should apply for help at the professional. It is important for the parents to be aware of the rules of behavior which is essential concerning the children who faced a night terror. Parents should not try to wake the child up, wash and shake him, because it can make him afraid.

The question of night terrors is very interesting and one should not mix it with nightmare, because the nature of these two phenomena is different. A successful night terrors case study is supposed to be interesting, informative and explain the nature of the chosen problem in detail. A student should research the problem of the case attentively; study the cause of the problem, the factors which are the reasons of the problem and their effect on the patient. One should summarize the case and provide the professor with the methods and techniques which are supposed to help children and their parents reduce the effect and frequency of night terrors considerably.

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