Case Study on Obesity

Obesity Case Study:

Obesity is a very high level of fat which is accumulated in the body. When the quantity of body fat is too high, it starts to affect badly on the normal functioning of the human organism. People who suffer from obesity experience heart attacks, problems with digestion, bones and muscles.

Obesity is caused by various factors: enormous consumption of food, lack of physical activity,  genetic factors (obesity is very often inherited from generation to generation); but most often it is caused by endocrine disorders and psychological problems.

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Obesity is a problem of highly  developed countries, which are able to afford all kinds of food and people consume it in great  extents. On the other hand obesity can not be caused by healthy products, but mostly of food  rich in fat. It is obvious that such type of food is a regular meal at every fast food restaurant. People do not want to waste time on cooking and prefer buying rich in fat fast food products for quite low price and do not care about its effect on their body.

Obesity is a stressing topic today, because more and more children suffer from it. They prefer spending time in front of PCs than walking or going in for sports and as a result the majority of teenagers at school suffer from obesity. A well-planned case study on childhood obesity presents the problem connected with obesity which occurred in a certain case site, mostly a school, and a student has to conduct research there investigating the rates of obesity and its effect on the life of teenagers. The aim of the case study is to explain the cause and effect of the problem, its background, and to find effective solutions of this problem. Student should be creative enough and possess good knowledge to brainstorm the best methods useful to prevent and defeat obesity.

Writing a case study is not an easy process, because student has to devote much time to the research of the problem and collection of data and reliable evidence. When one writes a case study he has to analyze things logically and persuade the reader the topic is worth investigation with the help of trustworthy facts, which prove negative effects of obesity. In order to realize how to write a good paper on the topic, one should take advantage of free example case studies on obesity in teenagers in the Internet, because such kind of help is extremely valuable for every student.

Professional free sample case studies on obesity in children are useful for students who have problems with the composition, formatting of the paper, proper presentation of data and making smart conclusions. Moreover, they are helpful to collect more information about the problem and to see how good paper of this kind looks like.

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