Case Study on OD Interventions

OD Interventions Case Study:

Organizational development (OD) is the process with is aimed at the improvement of the work of the company, the raise of the quality or its production and the raise of the productivity of its staff. It is important to develop for every company, if it wants to become a successful and the leading one in its sector of the market. A talented clever businessman who expects his business to flourish should be aware about the basic elements of organizational development interventions which should be carried out to achieve this goal. Very often OD is mistakenly confused with the development and training of the employees. It is obvious that the processes are completely different, because OD requires only strategic changes or interventions which are not connected with the level of work and creativity of employees.

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If one wants to develop the company a range of interventions should be carried out. To begin with, one should create a healthy convenient working environment for employees. When they see that a boss takes care of them, they start to respect and praise him. As a result their work becomes better and every employee appreciates his workplace. Then, the improvement of an organization can not be simply commanded by a boss. He should discuss this question with employees and managers and find the best way to develop the company’s work. Next, a businessman should trust and respect his employees and they will answer with the same actions and hard devoted work. Finally, the most important intervention into OD is the conquering of the market with new production and services. Such strategic changes will assure the company with new clients and great profits.

Every OD intervention should be planned and carried out carefully if the boss wants his company to flourish. Students who expect to be involved in business will need to gain knowledge on this serious and urgent topic, because every businessman faces it at least once in his life. Young people should research the case suggested for the analysis and study the interventions in detail. One should weigh the importance and effectiveness of the intervention and value what profits of failures the company will have. Having analyzed the cause and effect of interventions one will be able to provide the reader with smart conclusions and prove that he has got rich knowledge on the topic.

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