Case Study on Pepsi

Pepsi Case Study:

Pepsi is the non-alcohol soft drink, which is sold all over the world and belongs to the American company PepsiCo. The history of Pepsi is quite long and dramatic. The drink was invented by the American pharmacist Caleb Bradham from New Bern in 1898. The pharmacist called it “Brad’s Drink” and said that the main components of the drink were pepsin and kola nuts. Caleb Bradham claimed that the drink possessed medical healing qualities and was extremely useful for digestion.

The drink got its traditional name Pepsi-Cola in 1903. The company PepsiCo faced the problem of bankrupting twice. The first time, after the World War 1 the process on sugar became very high and the company could not afford buying it in the appropriate quantities required for the normal production.

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The second time PepsiCo bankrupted during the Great depression in the 30-ies. In order to restore the company and win positions on the market PepsiCo started producing its drink cheaper than Coca Cola and the company became very popular again. Today Pepsi occupies the second place in the world after Coca Cola in the production of cola and the drink is known everywhere. The topic of Pepsi and the quality and impact of the drink on the human organism is controversial, because there are too many opinions on it. There are no any official proves that the drink is harmful for the human health, on the other hand it is known that the drink is harmful for people who have problems with digestion; moreover, constant consumption of the drink can cause deficit of calcium in the organism.

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