Case Study on Personality Development

Personality Development Case Study:

Personality development is the process of the development of a human being under the influence of different factors which predetermine her moral values, preferences and way of life.

When a child is born, it becomes the part of the human society. Due to the influence of different factors children succeed or fail to become proper members of the human society. To begin with, a human being is a social creature and it can not survive without the care and constant communication with the members of the society. These hereditary factors are noticed only among the human beings, because new born children of animals are able to walk and look for food at once. On the contrary, human children need long and constant care of their parents to survive.

The second even more important factor which influences the personality development is the process of socialization.

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The environment influences the personality of a child seriously. It is obvious that it is possible to make anyone from a child if one wants. For example, if the child lives in the circle of criminals, he will absorb their values, behaviour, type and manner of thinking. Even if the child has achieved good memory and sound mind hereditary, he will not be smart and sound if these abilities are not developed and trained. On the contrary, it is possible to develop a strong personality due to the proper bringing up, treatment and education even if the child does not possess genetic predisposition to it.

So, there are two main factors which influence the process of personality development: genetics and socialization. When young people research the case for the paper based on personality development, they will need to pay attention to the both sides of the problem of the case. In order to succeed in the investigation of the problem one will need to collect enough data which will be useful for the analysis of the case. Students are supposed to find the reason of the problem which has caused the certain problem in personality development and weigh its consequences. Finally, a student will need to brainstorm effective methods which will help to cope with the problem.

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