Case Study on Personality in Organizational Behaviour

Personality in Organizational Behaviour Case Study:

Organizational behaviour is a complex of actions and decisions which are aimed at the creation of the convenient and encouraging working atmosphere, defeat of the conflicts and motivation to the high-quality work. It is obvious that personality plays an extremely important role in the organizational behaviour of a company. In order to maintain peace and favourable working conditions the team of managers should possess a set of qualities and traits of character which can be helpful in the control of the employees. If one manages people and their work, he should be not only an expert in his field but be a little bit of a psychologist in order to influence employees’ decisions, actions, to persuade and encourage them and solve all the conflicts which are sure to occur in the process of work. Furthermore, a talented manager will predict the behaviour of employees easily just relying on his knowledge and experience.

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An experienced manager should carry out the correct policy of the organizational behaviour on all levels, starting from the stage of recruitment, when he has to choose the best employee who is worth the place at the company and finishing the experienced employees who have been working in the company for many years. A strong personality of a manager can find the individual approach to everyone and make his work in the organization easier and more successful. A manger is a leader, so he should possess special leadership skills in order to control the staff and maintain the development of the organization.

The problem of organizational behaviour has always been an important one, so it is natural that students are asked to define the role of personality in this process and complete a good case study which demonstrates the successful or on the contrary failing impact of personality on the organization of the staff. A well-analyzed personality in organizational behaviour case study is supposed to be interesting, informative and explain the suggested topic from all sides. One should devote time to collect information on the case and discover the cause of the problem which has occurred there. Then, a student is expected to value the effect of the problem and provide the professor which the methods which can improve the condition of the organizational behaviour.

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