Case Study on Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing Case Study:

Psychological testing is the practice of the analysis of the peculiarities of the human psychics and traits of character with the help of psychological tests. Psychological testing is used during the process of recruitment and selection at the workplace and during the psychological consulting at psychologists. A psychological test is a standardized task which detects the psycho-physiological, personal characteristics, knowledge and skills of the patient.

It is obvious that it is very difficult to work out an appropriate and useful test which would provide the tester with the valid results, because every test requires more than 10 years of hard work, research and constant practice. The experts have to communicate with thousands of patients of different kinds, test the people who possess different traits of character, temperament, etc. It is very difficult to create the single standard for different people. All in all, very few psychological tests can be called the valid and quality ones, because of the enormous amount of work, limited finance and other factors.

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There are several factors which define the high quality of the test. The first one is standardization, which means that the patients of all kinds are tested in the same environment. The second one is objectivity, because the test should provide the expert with the reliable and correct results which would demonstrate the right psychological condition of the patient. The following characteristic is the reliability, so that the tester receives the same results after several tries of the same test. Finally, it is validity, so that the test really measures the characteristics it is intended to measure and detect.

Psychological testing is the problem which can be interesting for the student, because he will have the opportunity to see the complexity of the process of the design and development of the quality tests which measure human psychological peculiarities. The young person is supposed to read about the tests as much as possible to be aware about the variety of tests, their origin and their usefulness on practice. Finally, one can observe the definite case in detail and analyze the suggested tests and their quality on the definite examples. It is essential to learn about the cause and effect of the problem on psychological testing and suggest the brand new approaches towards the matter.

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Custom Case Study on Psychological Testing

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