Case Study on Rape Victims

Rape Victims Case Study:

Today the problem of rape has become extremely relevant, because the frequency of raping is growing constantly in the world. Evidently, the main targets of the attackers are women and the number of women who have experienced the danger or attempt of raping is very high. There are also cases of the male rape but they occur quite seldom.

The most common age group of the rape victims is up to 20 year old young people, especially teenagers. It is interesting, that most of them are attacked by the people who are familiar to them, for example, family members, friends and classmates. The percent of the unfamiliar attackers is extremely low. It does not worth mentioning that rape victims have gone through the strong stress and the majority of them requires psychological help and treating.

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Many young women who have been attacked lose confidence and live in the constant fear. Very often rapes cause not only the psychological problems but the threat of pregnancy. The percent of the women who have become pregnant because of rape is quite high and it causes additional problems, like abortion, etc. Moreover, there is a possibility to catch one of the sexually transmitted diseases during the contact with the offender, although many attackers use condoms in order to avoid their identification during the DNA analysis. The psychological effects of rape are quite tragic, for example, the victim is more likely to suffer from depression; she is amiable to alcohol and drug abuse and is likely to commit a suicide (the possibility is very high among the young girls who have become rape victims).

The topic of rape victims is quite serious and requires profound research, no wonder students are asked to conduct investigation on the problem and complete high-quality rape victims case studies, which explain and analyze the problem deeply. A student is expected to research the case site and interview the victim in order to collect enough information for the analysis and draw the right conclusions. One should find out about the cause and consequences of the problem and suggest the appropriate methods and techniques which can help the rape victim go through the problem effectively.

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