Case Study on Rational Unified Process

Rational Unified Process Case Study:

Rational Unified Process is the process of development of software by Rational Software, which has become a division of IBM since 2003. RUP is not a single enjoining process, but rather a framework of the process which can be adapted by the organizations which work out software and programs choosing the useful and convenient elements of this process which can meet their needs.

Till 1997 Rational purchased a great number of IT companies which accumulated valuable programming experience (Performance Awareness, Verdix, Requisite, etc) and this knowledge contributed into the development of the seven best practices of the modern program engineering: create iteratively paying attention to the risks; manage the requirements; use the component structure; modelling of the software in the visual way; the constant check of the quality of production; the constant check of the changes; conformation.

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Due to these practices Rational developed its production all the time and improved the quality gradually trying to satisfy customers. It is possible to define the major building blocks in RUP architecture: roles (who) – the role defines the complex of qualities and skills and responsibilities; work products (what) – something achieved from the fulfilled task – the documents and models created during the process; tasks (how) – describes the unit or example of the work which has been assigned to the role who has to follow the achieved results. Finally, there are three phases of RUP: the initial phase (the adequate evaluation of the system); elaboration phase analyzes the risks and plans the process of production; construction phase is the creation of the software and transition phase is the creation of the product and its adjustment to the client’s requirements (the software becomes understandable and accessible for the user).

Rational Unified Process is the useful issue for the analysis, because the student is able to understand the field of software engineering better. One should read about the process though the reliable sources, observe it on practice in order to get to know about the major components of the RUP architecture and the stages of its fulfilment. The student’s task is to observe the suggested case on RUP and dwell on the cause and effect of the problem providing the reader with maximum of information about the matter. Finally one has the chance to boast with his mind suggesting the effective solution to the problem sharing the improvement of the process and its phases.

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