Case Study on Web Browsers

Web Browsers Case Study:

A web browser is the software for computer and other devices which have the connection to the Internet and the software enables the user to receive access to textual, audio, video and other information on hypertext web-page. Texts and images can contain hyperlinks to other web-pages which are placed on the same website or other websites.

Web browser provides users with the opportunity to receive rapid access to all possible information placed on numerous web-pages through hyperlinks. The principle of browser’s work is quite easy. Every browser connects to HTTP server, receives a document there and formats it to present it to the user or looks for the program which would do it (depending on the format of the document). The formats of documents which can be presented by browser without the help of the outer programs are defined by World Wide Web Consortium.

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The most widespread formats of this type are HTML, XHTML and graphic formats GIF, JPEG and PNG. Addressing of web-pages is conducted with the help of URL, which is interpreted as the address starting from “http:” for HTTP protocol. The first web browser was called Mosaic but very soon the number of web-navigating software has increased and today there are five most popular browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Every browser has its own peculiarities and its own interpretation of hypertext. Some websites decide to optimize their web-pages with the definite browser, which increases the productiveness and quality of work, while others can work well without optimization on all browsers.

The topic on web browsers is quite interesting and essential for the research, because the student can learn about the basics of the work of the Internet. If one gas chosen to research the case on browsers, he should study the history of their creation, the functions, structure and principle of work of this software. The young person is able to compare several web browsers analyzing their strong and weak sides trying to present the objective result of the research. One can think about the cause and consequences of the selected problems and processes related with web browsers and try to solve them in the professional way.

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