Case Study on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis Case Study:

Rheumatoid arthritis is the disease which affects many organs of the human organism but more often joints of the body. The disease is characterized with pain in joints and gradual process which ends with total disability. That means, a patient loses the ability to walk and move his legs and hands and becomes attached to the bed. When a person notices that the disease starts to develop, she should do her best and try to walk as much as possible, otherwise the joins will be attacked faster and the person will lose her ability to move. The nature of rheumatoid arthritis is still unknown and doctors do not have the idea about its origin and the factors which cause it. The disease can inform about itself after a strong stress, infection or enormous physical activity.

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There is only one idea which is based on the belief that the disease is the result of a certain infection and if the person has predisposition to it, she will probably suffer from it. So, when the infection attacks the human body, the immune system tries to defeat the infection creating immune complexes which accumulate in joints gradually destroying them. Moreover, rheumatoid arthritis affects human heart and lungs. In fact the disease causes death because of the enormously bad affect on human kidneys. Unfortunately, the disease can not be cured and the whole process of treatment is aimed at the reduction of the pain and to prolong the life of the patient.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious problem, because many people suffer from it. Furthermore, the targets of the disease are not always the elder people, but there are cases of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis origin of which is not known. If a student has chosen to prepare a rheumatoid arthritis case study, he will have to read a lot about it to understand the symptoms, factors which cause the disease and the methods which are used for its treatment. A student will have to devote enough time to the investigation of the suggested case and learn the cause and effect of the problem. Finally, every student is supposed to summarize the paper well and demonstrate his knowledge on the problem and its solution.

The main problem of writing a case study is the process of its formatting and composition of the proper structure. With the help of a free example case study on juvenile rheumatoid arthritis one is able to get to know about the problem and to learn about the rules and norms of paper writing. It is wise and sensible to read a free sample case study on rheumatoid arthritis and improve writing skills and knowledge on the topic.

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