Case Study on SBI Bank

SBI Bank Case Study:

State Bank of India is the most well-known and popular bank in the Indian subcontinent. It does not worth mentioning, that more than a half of the Indian population does not use banking services because of the high rate of poverty. So, the second part of people, who still has the access to the banking services take advantage of SBI. It is the oldest bank of India, which has appeared still in the imperial times and was called the Imperial Bank of India, but with the run of time and the change of historical events the bank was renamed and started to serve not only for the rich elite but for everyone who required it. Today SBI has got more than a quarter of a billion permanent clients which use the services of the bank constantly.

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Every day the bank fulfills more than 50 million operations and transactions in its offices, through the cell-phones, mobile banking machines and the Internet. Because of the great number of clients, the bank has decided to enable them fulfill their transactions through the Internet. There are many servers which contain enough space for the databases to work for every client at a moment’s notice.

The topic of SBI bank is quite interesting, because every future economist and businessman should be aware of the existence and structure of the largest bank of India, which serves for the 250 million people. In order to improve one’s knowledge about the topic, he should read a lot about the bank in the books, encyclopaedias, articles in the Internet and financial periodicals. A student is expected to investigate the history of the bank, the key to its success, the quality of its service, the number of the fulfilled transactions to see the general image of SBI. When one possesses general knowledge, it will be easier for him to investigate the more limited direct questions and problems related with SBI. One should concentrate on the cause of the suggested problem and value its effect on the work of the bank and its prestige. After that it is important to provide the reader with high-quality methods and solutions to the problem which demonstrate student’s knowledge and professional skills.

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