Case Study on Selection Process

Selection Process Case Study:

Selection process is the process of employment of the appropriate people who are considered to be more skillful and helpful for the organization than other applicants. Selection process is carried out in every public and private organization and is most widespread in business.

Evidently, every boss, who strives to manage his business successfully and wants to receive high profit, devotes much time to the selection process to find the right employees for his company. Nowadays it is not easy to find the appropriate employee, because people want to earn much but work less, so selection process can enable the boss to find the very people, who can devote their lives for the common profit of the company. Selection starts from an interview. The applicant can be asked certain questions about his education, preferences, the reason of resignation from the previous workplace, etc.

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The interview is considered to be the best method, because the employer and the applicant stay in the direct contact and communicate about the definite situations connected with work. This method can help the boss realize the character of the applicant, his behavior in stressful situations. If the employer is a good psychologist, he can learn much just observing the gestures of the applicant and listening to his speech. Another common form of selection process is testing. The applicant is given a set of certain tests, which measure his background knowledge, professional skills and intelligence. Sometimes these methods are combined if the person applies for the serious occupation which requires much attention, intelligence, flexibility and ability to work long hours.

Selection process is a very important and stressful situation for every employer and applicant, because the first expects to find the appropriate employee at last, and the latter suffers from stress being asked obscure questions about everything possible. When one is writing a selection process case study, he should devote enough time to research the problem, investigate the case site and interview the participants of the case who experienced selection process to collect reliable data and find out the cause and effect of the suggested problem and draw wise conclusions. Students are free to offer their own ideas about the improvement of the selection process to demonstrate their knowledge and critical thinking skills.

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