Case Study on Shipping Industry

Shipping Industry Case Study:

Shipping industry is the industry of transportation of various goods, resources and materials by land, sea or air. Originally, the term ‘shipping’ was used for the description of the transportation of goods by sea; today the term means transportation in general. Transportation has always been important for the human life and today it is the core factor of the normal development of the human civilization, because people all over the world require goods and resources which make their life more comfortable. Transportation of various goods appeared thousands of years ago and only in the 18th century it became a serious industry which receives enormous profit. Today there are several main means of transportation of cargo: by land (trains, trucks), by sea (ships) and by air (cargo aircraft provided by the air companies).

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The role of shipping is extremely important nowadays, because people purchase goods all over the world and expect to receive them in the shortest terms, that is why shipping companies try to improve the quality and reduce the terms of transportation in order to win the leading places on the market and attract more clients. It is obvious that shipping is different according to the price, safety and terms of transportation. The cheapest but the longest in terms in the shipping by ship and train, on the other hand these means of transportation are the safest ones. Shipping by air is far quicker but a bit more expensive. Evidently, every company chooses its own way of shipping and the choice mostly depends on the type of the production and the delivery terms.

Shipping industry is one of the most developed industries nowadays, because the rates of goods and services circulation are becoming more dynamic every year. When one is asked to prepare a successful shipping industry case study, a student should research the case from all sides and collect enough information about the problem. One should research the case site and define the cause of the problem in the case of shipping industry and evaluate the effect of the problem on the functioning of the company involved into the shipping industry. In the end it is important to suggest the most appropriate methods which can solve the problem with shipping and summarize the problem professionally.

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