Case Study on Social Audit

Social Audit Case Study:

Social audit is the activity of the company in the field of social responsibility. Obviously, nowadays alongside with the economic development of the corporation much attention is paid to the social sector of the company’s work. Today big corporations and even small companies take care about their employees and about the social environment in the whole. Much money is paid to the development of various social projects in order to demonstrate to the society that the company does not simply care of money but of the wellbeing of the common people. Social audit is represented in the activity of the firm in the field of charity or transparency, etc, for example, demonstrating to the society the advantages of the company’s production from the side of its ecological safety or natural origin; or that the production does not cause harm to the human life and that it is not tested on animals.

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Briefly, the company provides the access towards its production to the general public. Then, many companies pay attention to voluntary activity in various educational, sport or ecological projects donating money or supplying the events with the equipment and staff. Social audit is a perfect means of advertising for every company, which can gain fame and respect from the consumer’s side with the help of the good deeds. Social audit is the optional activity which can be used for making the company closer to the clients, though many companies do not try to act the same way paying no attention to the participation in the sphere of social responsibility.

Social audit is the policy carried out in business to make the company closer to the society and the peculiarities of the social life. It is possible to observe the problem of social audit in detail and prepare a quality and original case study observing the definite example of the practical performance of social audit by the definite company chosen by the student or suggested by the professor. The student will need to dwell on the background problem of the case on social audit in the company, write about its advantages and disadvantages and analyze the solution of the existing problem in the sector of social audit in the firm and suggest the alternative solution to the problem.

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