Case Study on Social Constructivism

Social Constructivism Case Study:

Social constructivism is a social and psychological theory, which studies the process of social-psychological construction of the social reality in the human activity. Social reality and social relation of the selected individuals is observed as the set of thoughts, ideas and values which are not influenced by the material conditions.

The origin of social constructivism is connected with the name of the famous psychologist Lev Vygotsky. The social reality is not influenced by the social activity of the individual as he is the one who has to conform to his reality. Then, the individual trains the qualities required by the reality and starts his social relations with other people. Knowledge is the product of social and cultural construction, because from the very beginning of his life the individual learns something new through the communication and interaction with the surrounding world gaining knowledge and experience from the bearers of the culture the individual belongs to.

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With the run of time the person gets to know about the meaning of the symbols in the surrounding world and becomes the part of the society. It is practically impossible to master all the norms of social behaviour by the simple observation – the individual has to be the active participant in this complicated process of social interaction. Social constructivism is aimed at the inclusion of the human being into the certain social group for the constant communication and cooperation for the development of the useful skills required in the society. This theory is used in education and psychology of education with the aim to train students in groups as this way of education is much more effective than the individual one.

Social constructivism is the theory which supports the idea of the social development of the human being in the tight cooperation and communication in the human society. The student is able to observe the theory in detail and prepare a logical and informative case study about social constructivism. The young professional will need to observe the suggested case in detail, collect information about the problem and analyze the strong and the weak sides of the issue under analysis providing the quality solution to the problem.

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