Case Study on Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites Case Study:

Social networking sites are the websites which gather a great audience of online users who share common interests and exchange the information interesting for them. There are many social networking sites which attract people from all over the world. The main functions of these sites is to connect people from different parts of the planet and to help people find friends who share common interests and give them a chance for self-development.

There are social networking sites for the fans of particular genres of music, films, books, actors, artists, etc. which play the role of the forums and chat rooms for the discussion of various related topics.

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Nevertheless, the most popular social networking websites connect people from all over the world who share different interests and such sites function like the window into the world (earlier the television had such function). The most well-known social networking site is Facebook, which unites hundreds of millions of people from all the countries of the world and helps to ruins the boarders between the cultures and continents. Facebook includes various services, like the communities for people who are looking for interesting activities or just making friends. Advertisement is also a characteristic feature of such websites, because talented artists and musicians are able to share their pieces of art with millions of people and finally become famous.

Social networking sites have become the part of our life, because people entertain study and work being always online at these sites and always ready to communicate. From one side it is a positive thing, because people from different countries can communicate for free about everything but on the other hand people devote little time to walking and physical activities. Besides, many people have forgotten how to communicate in the real life, because they prefer chatting in the laptop to live conversations. A good case study on the topic should be interesting and informative and analyze the problem from all sides. In order to cope with the case study one will need to research the topic in general and understand the aspects, types, problems of social networking sites and after that concentrate on the suggested topic for the research. One should read reliable articles to collect data about the problem, analyze the problem scrupulously and compose a good case study with well-composed cause and effect and solutions chapters.

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