Case Study on Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Case Study:

Substance abuse is the process during which an individual uses various substances of the chemical and organic origin to alter his mood for the better for a certain period of time. People use a great number of substances, like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, glue, paint, steroids, etc. to change their mood and physical condition for the better but the abuse of such substances is harmful for human health.

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The most wide spread substance is alcohol which influences an individual psychics, gives the illusion of happiness and help people forget about their problems. Unfortunately, alcohol ruins human mind, causes problems with heart and liver, often the main reason of hepatitis.

Drugs are even more harmful than alcohol, because they influence one’s psychics extremely strong, ruin personality, system of values an causes a lot of diseases. Drug addicts who refuse to give up the habit die very fast. Except of mood altering substance such substances as steroids are very popular.
Today many sportsmen use steroids to win competitions illegally, but abuse of these substances is also harmful for human health. In order to prevent steroids in sport special commissions are gathered and every sportsman is checked on steroids in order to make sport competitions fair.

Substance abuse is a big problem, because people take everything to alter their life and try something new. The problem becomes even more serious when the targets of drug abuse a re our children.

Teenagers always try something new and various substances from alcohol to drugs are popular among young people, who think substance abuse is cool and enables them gain respect among their friends. A case study on substance abuse should explain the meaning of the term and research the problem in detail. When there is a problem connected with substance abuse in a certain case, a student is obliged to research the case site and determine the cause and effect of the problem and analyze the consequences of the case professionally. It is a plus if a student provides the paper with a good smart solution of the problem and demonstrate his knowledge and professional skills.

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