Case Study on Tata Nano

Case Study on Tata Nano:

Tata Nano is the name of the automobile produced by the Indian company Tata Motors. Tata Nano is supposed to be one of the smallest and the cheapest automobiles in the world, because its size is so small that it is considered to be the link between the motorcycle and automobile. Tata Nano was introduced in Delhi in 2008 and it astonished customers with its price. At that time the automobile cost 2500 dollars and now it can be purchased for 1500 dollars, which makes Tata Nano the cheapest mass produced car. The automobile survived all the crash tests and meets all the norms and standards of safety and is permitted for the mass production; no wonder today Tata Nano is the most popular car in India due to its price and size.

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It is obvious that the problem of overpopulation is too relevant in India and the solution to create a small and affordable car helps to solve the problem of heavy traffic on the roads. The success of the automobile is connected with its price and the low-cost workforce in India. The majority of people do not have the opportunity to purchase expensive cars, so Tata Nano is focused on the third and middle class customers and produces more than 250 000 automobiles per year. The company plans to produce cars for the USA and Europe believing that low prices will make it able to compete with the world known giants in automobile production.

Tata Nano is the popular and affordable car produced by Tata Motors, so if a student is interested in business and the development of the famous companies and their decision connected with marketing, he is able to complete a Tata Nano case study and research the direct case related with the company. A good case study should explain and reveal the problem from all sides and illustrate the factors which have caused it. A student should collect information about Tata Nano and learn something about the case from the reliable sources in order to be able to analyze the case well.

Then one should analyze the consequences of the problem on Tata Motors and suggest the most effective solutions to the problem mentioned in the case.

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