Case Study on Team Management

Team Management case study:

Team management is the complex of methods and strategies used for the successful organization of the work fulfilled by the people in groups. Naturally, the quality of the work fulfilled by a single person is lower than the amount and quality of work fulfilled by a well-organized and disciplined group of people, so such a sphere as team management has appeared in the society. The phenomenon of the team work exists in the society for thousands of years. At the dawn of the human civilization it was dangerous for people to work alone, because the surrounding world contained danger of different sort. Speaking about hunting or agriculture, it was impossible to succeed in such activities alone, so people gathered into groups in order to cope with such tasks.

Nowadays, the situation has not changed cardinally, because the success and benefit of a firm depends on the number of the employees and their ability to cooperate.

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It is of vital importance to make employees fulfill their duties dynamically, to teach them to understand and help one another and distribute the whole work among the team members equally.

Team management is closely connected with the issue of leadership, because every team has its leader who controls its work, shares duties, maintains the working atmosphere, motivates employees and makes everything possible to maintain the dynamics, quality and quantity of the work. Team management is a complicated issue, because every member has its own task and he is responsible for his part and as a result for the success of the whole team.

In order to succeed in team management the experts have invented numerous methods and technologies. In current time team management is carried out with the help of the computer technologies, which organize time, the amount of work, the deadline, etc and record the data in the database for the further comparison. The student has the task to analyze the problem of team management in detail paying attention to the direct case suggested for the research. One has to find out about the cause and effect of the problem related with team management and take efforts to solve the case professionally. Finally, one can share the difficulties which he has faced while researching the problem.

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