How to Write a Good Case Study for Business School

Writing a good case study for Business school:

Writing a case study is a serious and troublesome job, because a student is supposed to analyze the definite problem in detail and draw the adequate conclusions on it. The students who are doing their case studies for business school have to follow a few general rules and requirements:

  1. Chose the Best Topic: If one wants to succeed in case study writing, he should select the right topic, which is close and interesting to him. The student is to choose a certain narrow problem which is easy for the analysis and has sense. The research of such a topic will surely reveal the student’s professional skills and knowledge.
  2. Learn about the Case a Lot: In order to analyze the problem of the case properly one will need to collect valid facts which would present the case in the right light. It is important for business school case study writing to describe the problem from all sides and learn about all possible reasons and effects of the problem. The student is asked to find out about the background information which is related with the problem, for example, research a business case one can learn about the firm, its history, activity, marketing, management, strong and weak sides, etc in order to understand the connection between the company and the problem which has occurred suddenly.
  3. Devote Time to Define the Cause: The most important thing is to catch the cause of the problem of the case. The student will have to think a lot to reveal the real reason of the problem and his critical thinking skills will be quite helpful there.
  4. Evaluate the Effect: Having learnt about the cause of the problem one should measure its effect on the business under research. The student can use the data of the official statistics or interview the people related with the case and define whether the effect was serious and how it influenced the further activity of the firm.
  5. Conclude the Case: Having analyzed the cause and consequences of the case, the student can try to suggest his own ways out of the problem and brainstorm a few reasonable solutions. In the end one can define the relevance of the topic of the case and compare it to the similar cases.

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