Case Study on Team Work

Teamwork Case Study:

Team work is the work fulfilled not by one individual, but by a group of people, who share the same aim. Most often it is very difficult to complete the work by alone that is why people cooperate to achieve their aim together. Since the times immemorial people understood that the development of the civilization is impossible if people do not cooperate and start working together. The first examples of teamwork are hunting and leading wars in tribes. First people could not kill big animals alone and gathered into great groups in order to hunt effectively.

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The same thing is with war craft. It was not safe to live alone, because nearly everything around people was dangerous, so they began to live in tribes headed by a chief or a group of the most skillful warriors to protect themselves and conquer new territories. Since that times people do everything in groups: build houses, grow crops, animals, create vehicles, trade, fight, etc. Nearly every work existing today can be called a teamwork, because even in an office employees do separate pieces of work which are just small parts of the common great job for the company.

In order to illustrate the value and importance of the teamwork students are asked to prepare case studies on this topic. A good case study should be interesting, well-planned and describe the topic from all sides. In order to choose a good topic try to think over, which topic is interesting for you, which topic can be analyzed easier. Sometimes there are topics which are problematic for students because they can not collect enough data to analyze them properly or simply the case is too obscure to be solved. A student has to investigate the case profoundly, study the reason of the problem in the case site and analyze its consequences. Besides he is expected to predict further consequences of the problem and offer wise solutions for the suggested case.

The most common point for the analysis of the team work in the case study is certain enormous work, often connected with building, completed or failed by a group of people. A student has to analyze their work and conclude the paper professionally.

When one is writing a case study he has to improve his knowledge of the topic in general and the case in particular. One of the most effective ways to cope with the paper successfully is to read a free sample case study on teamwork in India and understand how to write a good paper on your own. Often only due to free example case studies on teamwork a student learns how to compose the paper and analyze the problem suggested to the research correctly.

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