Case Study on Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis Case Study:

Tuberculosis is a widespread in the world inflectional disease, which strikes both people and animals and is caused by various types of mycobacterium, generally Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

More often tuberculosis attacks the human lungs but sometimes it can cause harm to other organs. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is transmitted in different ways, for example during coughing, sneezing, conversation with the patient. More often the person who has caught Mycobacterium tuberculosis does not feel anything and the disease remains in the hidden form and does not cause any harm to a person, though one tenth of the tuberculosis attacks turn into the active form and the disease develops further. The classical symptoms of lung tuberculosis is constant coughing with blood­tinged sputum? on the later stages of the disease patients lose weight, sweat heavily at night, have fever and suffer from weaknesses.

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The most typical and effective way to detect tuberculosis is radiology, generally the practice of chest X­raying. It is difficult to cure tuberculosis, because patients start to panic on the further stages of the disease, as at first they did not feel any discomfort and it is obvious that treating a disease which has been progressing for several years is extremely difficult. Sometimes more than half of the year is required to cure the disease? unfortunately quite often it is not possible to save the patient who has been ill too long. Tuberculosis is a widespread disease and more than one third of the planet’s population is believed to be infected with tuberculosis. The disease is quite a common phenomenon is the developing countries, where there is no money to prevent and cure tuberculosis effectively.

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