Case Study on Twins

Case Study on Twins:

Twins are the children of the one mother which have been produced during the one pregnancy. There are two main types of twins: monozygotic and dizygotic. Monozygotic twins are produced from the single zygote which was fertilized by the single sperm cell and then divided into two separate embryos on the way of its development. Such twins possess the same genotype and always belong to the same sex. Furthermore, the interesting peculiarity of monozygotic twins is their appearance.

It is often impossible to recognize the identity of one of the twins from the first sight, because they look like each other very much. Their character and preferences are quite similar and more than 25% of the monozygotic twins are like the mirrors of their brothers or sisters. There are cases that the heart of one of the ‘mirror’ twins is situated in the right part of the body. Dizygotic twins are the twins which were produced from the two separate eggs which were fertilized by the two different sperm cells. can write a Custom Case Study on Twins for you!

It is obvious that dizygotic twins have different genotypes and look like one another no more than the common brothers and sisters. Moreover, dizygotic twins can be conceived during more than one sexual act. Nowadays the rates of twin birth are equal to 3% of all the births in the world, however because of the growing popularity of the fertility drugs the frequency of the twin birth increased in the beginning of the 21st century. The phenomenon of twinning is also met among various species of animals and their frequency is about 4% of all their births.

Twins can be called a good topic for the analysis, because this phenomenon has always been interesting to people, no wonder, twins are often the main characters in literature and folklore of numerous ethnic groups. Twins case study should contain a detailed description of the topic and analysis of the major elements and aspects of the problem. The student is obliged to learn about the cause and effect of twinning, explain the nature of this process and complete a general characteristic of this phenomenon. In conclusion one should summarize the problem which has occurred with twins and brainstorm effective solutions to it.

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