Case Study on Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping Case Study:

Value stream mapping is the technique used in lean manufacturing, which is aimed at the reasonable choice of materials and information for the production of goods and services and quality supply of the product to the consumers. The process of value stream mapping got its name due to the procedure of drawing a map of the core elements required for the production and their professional evaluation. The map helps to organize the process of production in the correct order and combine it with the information techniques which can be helpful for the promotion of the product to the customers.

The method originated at Toyota Company, which was one of the founders of lean manufacturing which is aimed at the reduction of the loss and unnecessary expenditures combines with the improvement of the product’s quality and increase of the ecological standards of the product and taking into consideration the interests of consumers.

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There are a few steps in the process of value stream mapping. First of all it is important to think over and create the idea of the product which can be interesting to customers and satisfy their needs.

The next step is very difficult and broad, because it includes the set of actions, policies, solutions and decisions aimed at the creation of the product. The experts draw the map and analyze the materials, image, design, qualities of the product and think about the ways to attract the consumer’s attention. Next, it is important to analyze the ways to reduce wastes and then the map is completed. The company can start working according to the created map and produce its goods.

Value stream mapping is an interesting and informative topic, which can help students learn about the latest techniques in the successful and safe production. The student can analyze the definite case and understand the way of functioning of value stream mapping on practice. The student should find out about the cause and effect of the problem in order to be able to analyze the consequences of the topic well and suggest the best solutions to the problem. So, one should collect many reliable facts about the problem from the trustworthy sources and evaluate it well.

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