Case Study on Vandalism

Vandalism Case Study:

Vandalism is the intentional destruction or damage of cultural and historical monuments, and other cultural and material values, private and public property. The term “vandalism” comes from the name of the ancient German tribe “Vandals”, the members of which attacked Roman cities and towns and ruined everything on their way. Vandalism is a serious problem, which still exists in the modern society and is based on the damage of the important monuments and cultural and material values. Vandalism is divided into two major groups according to the time: vandalism in the war time and peaceful time.

When the war is in its active process vandalism is not a surprise, because the conqueror always tries to demoralize the opponent and ruins the important monuments and other material values which can be important and sacral for him.

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Vandalism is the integral part of genocide, aggressive military operations, abuse of the basis of someone’s ethnicity, origin, social status and religious views. The peaceful times are characterized with vandalism of different kind. Most often vandals damage historical monuments for pleasure and treat it as a joke. From the psychological point of view vandalism is closely connected with aggression. The aggressive person does not know how to release form this feeling and does illegal and ruining actions in order to calm down. In addition, many people, especially the younger ones demonstrate their protest against the social norms and rules in the aggressive way. Finally, vandalism is associated with the certain creation of a image of the enemy in the mind of a vandal and he tries to ruin everything connected with the enemy and cause harm to him.

Vandalism is a relevant problem nowadays and numerous important monuments suffer from the impact of vandals. The student is asked to prepare vandalism case study in order to understand the origin of this problem and probably brainstorm the effective methods to its solution. One should observe the definite problem on vandalism in the most attentive way and collect many trustworthy arguments which would explain the cause and effect of vandalism on the monuments and material values illustrated in the case. The student is obliged to analyze the problem in detail and solve it efficiently.

When one has to prepare a quality case study, he should be ready to waste long hours at the library collecting facts about the problem. Fortunately, the Internet can be a good advisor in the technical questions, because one can find a free example case study on vandalism and see how a good paper has to look like. The young professional is able to look through a free sample case study on vandalism and borrow the structure of the paper and the order of the topic’s research.

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