Case Study on Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System Case Study:

Vehicle tracking system is the system of monitoring of the means of transport, which is based on the system of the satellite navigation (GPS), devices and technologies of the cell and radio communications, computers and digital maps. The means of vehicle tracking systems are used for various purposes. To begin with, the system solves the problem of transportation logistics in the systems of the control of transportation and monitoring of the every vehicle belonging to the certain company. It is obvious that the technology of vehicle tracking system is closely connected with the armed forces and it has been invented and designed directly for this purpose.

It is important for the army to control the location and moving of every vehicle and manage its further location and set the direct of its movement. There are major types of the function of the vehicle tracking system: online and offline. The online technology tracks the vehicle in the real current time. The object is monitored on the whole way of its trip and the group of expert observes this movement and provides the driver with the additional information if there is such a need.

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The offline system just registers the location and time of departure of the vehicle from the point A and the time of the arrival at the point B. Vehicle tracking system solves many problems associated with transportation. First of all it is the constant monitoring of the vehicle and the direction of its movement. Another function is the control of the graph of movement (the experts make sure the vehicle is in the right place in the right time). Then, the function of statistics and optimization of the route solves the problem of the choice of the best routes which save time. Finally, the constant monitoring helps to make sure the vehicle is safe.

If the student has chosen to prepare a good case study about the issue of vehicle tracking system, he should be able to explain the meaning if the system, its functions, types, strong and weak sides. It is important to find the cause and consequences of the problem on vehicle tracking system, its failure or success and the student should evaluate the issue objectively. In addition one should solve the problem professionally suggesting the best way out of the problem and the improvement of the vehicle tracking system of the selected type.

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