Case Study on Vehicular Pollution

Vehicular Pollution case study:

Vehicular pollution is the kind of pollution, which is characterized with the contamination of the natural environment with the products of the activity of various vehicles. Naturally, with the development of heavy industry and technologies people have learned to construct various transportation systems and vehicles, which are used to make the life easier.

There are many types of vehicles and their emissions effect the environment in the different way. Speaking about the most popular type of vehicles – automobiles, which work with the help of fuel made from oil and gas, they remain one of the leaders of the vehicular pollution. It is not a secret that the number of cars is bigger than the number of people on the planet and it is obvious that their contaminative power is too high. Automobile emissions affect the atmosphere badly making the big cities unfavorable for life.

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Because of the high percentage of vehicular emissions nearly every big city is covered with smog – a thick layer of dust and pollutants in the atmosphere which do not let the sunlight to the surface and cause acid rains and greenhouse effect. Another type of vehicular pollution is caused by planes and other aircraft. The specific fuel used in aircraft ruins the ozone layer as well and pollutes the atmosphere seriously. The last kind of the vehicle which is quite dangerous for the environment is a ship. Ships pollute not only the atmosphere but the water. They pour their emissions into the water contaminating fish and as a result animals and people who consume this fish. In addition, the sea tankers transporting oil and other resources are the cause of the natural catastrophes, if an accident happens and the oil pours into the ocean.

Vehicular pollution is the urgent problem which requires rapid solutions; otherwise the quality of the life on the planet will reduce further. A vehicular pollution case study is the investigation of the topic and the best way to develop student’s critical thinking skills and ability to train creativity and brainstorm an appropriate solution to the problem of pollution. One is expected to research the case of vehicular pollution attentively, think about its cause, evaluate the effect and finally present the adequate way out of the problem.

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