Case Study on Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the Workplace Case Study:

Violence in the workplace is the offensive activity of employers and certain employees towards the definite members of the staff and these activities are caused by the special factors which differentiate the victim from the rest of the staff.

Violence in the workplace is a common problem nowadays, because in spite of the propagation of the democratic values many people still behave violently start conflicts without any serious reasons.

The majority of the conflicts in the workplace appear because of the slight misunderstandings and the lack of the personal and organizational culture. The company is supposed to make its employees cooperate in the right way and provide healthy atmosphere for their work. Violence in the workplace is divided into many kinds. The first type is the aggression and envy because of the success of the one group of employees and failure of the other one.

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Such conflicts are followed by the false rumours, psychological abuse, offensive speeches, etc. Offensive verbal attacks are the most frequent means of the violence and physical attacks occur quite rarely. The most common targets of the violence in the workplace are the representatives of the opposite gender, another age group, ethnical origin, religious view, sexual orientation, etc.

If employees have selected the target for the attack, it is quite difficult to stop them. Alongside with the offensive active behaviour they act passively misinforming the target, bothering her, preventing her from the fulfilling of the work on time, etc. Sometimes the target’s work becomes of the poor quality because of the passive influence of the staff and she fall down in the eyes of the employer and loses a job.

Violence in the workplace is a serious problem which reduces the quality of the company’s work, reduces its profit, increases the employee turnover and causes additional problems to the firm. The student is able to improve his knowledge about the issue on violence in the workplace, its elements and reasons. One can observe the consequences of the offensive behaviour on the definite example suggested by the professor. The young professional should study the case in detail, learn about the cause of the violence and its effect and try to solve the problem in the appropriate way to save the workplace for the victim and to punish the attackers preventing them from further abuse.

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