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Case Study on Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapy is the special medical complex of exercises and activity aimed at the improvement of the physical and psychological condition of the patient. Naturally, if the person has problems with health, it becomes difficult for her to have a regular social life. This problem is far more relevant for the people who have physical disorders and require constant help and attention of the third people. It does not worth mentioning that it is quite difficult for the disabled people and the patients who have lost certain physical abilities to live in the society and the occupational therapy is supposed to cure them partially.

The complex of various exercises is able to return the patient to the independent life and to stop being the burden for the family and close people. The most frequent cases connected with the loss of physical abilities are the patients who have survived heart attack and a stroke.

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Such people require special approach and the individual complex of exercises. The stroke changes the human life and she becomes helpless. The therapy is aimed at the teaching of the basic skills like, walking, eating, washing without the help of the third people. Generally, a few months of exercises are able to restore the major patient’s abilities and skills and to make the patient’s behaviour close to the healthy one. Speaking about the people with the psychological problems, occupational therapy is able to restore the emotional stability of the patient, help him live in the society, evaluate the reality around him, etc. Naturally, occupational therapy is an individual and totally personal complex of exercises, because everyone has his own physical and psychological problems of different complexity.

Occupational therapy is the important and serious activity which is supposed to help the people who have physical and psychological problems restore their regular social life. When the student is asked to prepare a successful case study on occupational therapy, he should learn the problem in detail and research the case from all sides. The student should learn about the cause of the problem (interview the patient and ask about the kind of the problem) and its effect (how the problem influences his life) in order to be able to solve the issue well and evaluate the effectiveness of the occupational therapy and the set of the chosen exercises.

The assignment of case study writing can be treated like a complicated one, because the student is expected to research a narrow problem and solve it effectively. With the quality advice of a free occupational therapy case study example one is able to learn many new facts about the paper. The student can succeed in formatting and constructing of the text with the help of a free sample occupational therapy case study stoke written in the Internet.

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