Case Study on Wetlands

Wetlands Case Study:

Wetlands are the areas which are characterized with the soil in the form of aquifer with the permanent or seasonal humidity. Such area can be partly or entirely occupied by the water. There are many different types of wetlands and the most widespread among them are small ponds, coastal areas, bogs, swamps, etc. The water is the wetlands can be of different type according to its location: fresh, sea and brackish. The widest areas of the wetlands are situated in South America on the territory of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Wetlands play a very important role for the normal existence of the ecosystems and for the life of the human beings. Due to their high level of humidity wetlands are the major sources of fresh drinking water, so people take advantage of the streams flowing in the region of wetlands and dig wells which always contain clean fresh drinking water.

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Furthermore, the water from such basins is considered to be pure because it is filtered by plants, minerals and microorganisms. Evidently, wetlands are also the homes of the thousands species of animals and birds which are close to extinction. Because of the high humidity of the territory it is impossible to build roads and settlements there, so it can become the last natural safe shelter for animals. Wetlands are strictly protected by numerous international organizations as their value is very high. For example, wetlands not only supple people with pure water but also protect them from floods and related natural phenomena due to the absorbent qualities of the soil which simply accumulates water and prevents flooding.

Wetlands are the unique ecosystems which have a high value for the human well-being and life of animals, birds, insects and fish. Wetlands case study is expected to explain the detailed description of the structure and mechanisms of work of the wetlands, their positive sides, value for the environment and people. One should present a full description of the problem on wetlands and analyze it professionally. First of all, the student is supposed to get to know about the problem, its cause and effect and then provide the professor with the reliable solutions to the problem on wetlands demonstrating his knowledge.

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