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YouTube Case Study:

YouTube is one of the most popular web sites in the world which enables online users watch, upload, and download video files of different types, genre and quality. The web site was created approximately in 2005 and at first it was not so popular, because people did not understand its potential and the Internet technologies did not allow watch great video files as the Internet speed was quite slow. Later on, with the development of the web more and more people got access to YouTube and were able to watch movies, video clips online.

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YouTube is the revolution in the development of the web, because due to it people do not have to download movies on their computers, as they can just watch it online. This priority helps people save place on their PCs for more important data and get access to any video file they require at a moment’s notice. Of course, the content of video files is severely controlled by the administration, and they do not allow unregistered and under 18 years old people watch videos carrying violent and sexual content. YouTube is not only storage of movies but also video clips of musicians who have created clips for their songs. Due to the existence of YouTube musicians can become more and more famous advertising themselves on the website.

Being one of the most popular website among users, YouTube could not stay unnoticed by the great corporations like Google. Google realized the importance of YouTube for the whole Internet and purchased it for much money to spread its influence on the Internet in all spheres. Students who are required to prepare a case study need to read a lot about the website itself and its impact and role for people. There are dozens of articles in the Internet, which analyze the importance of YouTube, present its advantages and disadvantages. A well-organized case study is a detailed research of the problem based on YouTube and a student has to investigate this problem, understand its cause and effect and finally offer wise solutions to the suggested problem for the case study.

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