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Case Study on Cisco:

Cisco Systems is the American multinational corporation which can be called a leader in the production of the networking equipment. The corporation tries to satisfy the needs of its customers and become a monopolist on the sector of the market providing the whole spectrum of services and equipment required for the proper functioning of the network. So, it is possible to purchase the whole equipment for a network at Cisco Systems without wasting time collecting the equipment separately in different companies. Cisco is one of the greatest companies in the world which focus on the sphere of high technologies and IT. At first its core work was the production of routers but later the company developed and became the leader in the sphere of network technologies used for the Internet.

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The company was founded by the couple Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner in 1984. Although, Cisco was not the fist company which invented a router, but the quality of their appliance was much higher, because it enabled different types of computers interact and exchange data. Bosack and Lerner left the company in 1990, when the venture investors introduced in the executive staff the team of the professional managers. Today, the headquarters of the corporation are located in San Jose, California. During the time of its existence the corporation purchased and absorbed a range of companies which provide their service in different branches of network functioning. As a result, Cisco controls all the spectrum of the services and equipment with are required for the creation of networks.

Due to its prestige and quality of work Cisco provides its services for the most expensive and prominent companies and institutions in the world providing them with the high-quality equipment and networks. If a student has chosen to analyze the problem based on Cisco, he should dwell on the general points of the topic and research the structure and work of the company in whole and only then there is sense to touch upon a direct topic suggested for the research. One is expected to present the cause and effect of the problem, collect enough reliable information on the topic which can provide the professor with the reliable evidence. A student is supposed to analyze the problem profoundly and brainstorm a good and effective method to solve it.

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