Educational Counselling Case Study

Case Study on Educational Counselling:

Educational counselling is the activity and complex of decisions which define the character of the work of the educational institution, school, college or university. Naturally, every type of educational institution has its own style and manner of work, special organization and approach towards the educational process. So, every school and university has its counselling board which solves all the important issues related with the organization of the educational process, the curriculum, the students’ assistance, school supply with the necessary equipment, grant programs, etc.

Educational counselling embraces a group of officials who have their duty to coordinate, encourage, instruct and provide students, their parents and all the interested people with the necessary information about the educational institution.

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Nearly every school has its own counselling board which consists of the active teachers who have extra duties added to their teaching load. Counsellors create the curriculum in the right way in order to help students manage their time wisely and prevent them from overloading with subjects.

They also decide what subjects and what information should be presented at classes and what students are supposed to know. Moreover, counsellors work out the system of school exams concerning the students’ abilities and the complexity of the information. Educational counselling covers quite troublesome and specific issues which are slightly connected with education, for example, help to manage student’s family problems, prevent drug and alcohol abuse, school bullying, assist in the process of the student’s career development proving young people with the information about careers, the skills and level of knowledge required there, etc.

Educational counselling is a helpful body of the educational institution which takes the most active part in the organization of the process of education and its constant improvement. The student who has decided to research the case on education counselling is expected to learn about this system as much as possible: its duties, rights, the scope of its activity, the issues it covers and the problems it faces. The case is mostly connected with the difficulties which can occur in the sphere of educational counselling and the young professional should think about the cause and effect of the matter and solve it is the appropriate manner.

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